Can Menstrual Problems Adversely Affect Your Career?

Sudha 25/04/2016

As a woman, we all hear about the glass ceiling, and of course some of us sacrifice much of our lives to try to break through it. But sometimes our life issues, for example having children, can influence our capacity to get ahead in the eyes of management. Can menstrual problems adversely affect one’s career?

A significant number of working women all over the world are taking sick days due to their PMS which proved to be quite problematic to deal with. Because of the severe discomfort, a third of us take four or more sick days a year as a result. This of course, has serious and long lasting effects with their careers. This is indeed quite true especially during important and crucial events where the option of a sick day is not entirely possible. Sometimes also women’s health issues can influence our capacity to work like robots which results to the poor quality of performance. Because of this period of pain and inconvenience, women feel very much stressed throughout the entire course of the day and this can severely affect their health, happiness and the worst of it all is that jobs could be seriously put under risk.

In addition, a huge number of women feel very much anxious about calling in sick during these times. The feeling of reluctance is also persistent in revealing the reason why you need a day off to your employer. The result does not oftentimes go well in our favor making the request for leave problematic and sometimes get completely scrapped in the process. As a result, we are often left to endure menstrual problems and hope it gets better throughout the entire course of the day.

Office workers are not the only ones affected with such issues. There have also been noteworthy incidents where popular celebrities were not able to perform their best due to menstrual problems. For instance, Heather Miriam Watson is a British tennis player who went out on a first round exit of the 2015 Australian Open due to subpar performance. It was then discovered that this was due to her ongoing period. Is there nothing women can do during these said times? Well surprisingly there have been a number of remedies and proven solutions to your worst period problems.

One of the most popular solutions women consider is with the use of general pain relievers for menstrual pain. Aside from the usual pain killers, there are also lifestyle and home remedies women can apply before and during their period. Studies have shown that exercise may ease the pain of menstrual cramps. Dietary supplements may also aid in effectively reducing menstrual cramps. A lifestyle change such as avoiding the use of tobacco and alcohol as well as reducing stress levels also goes a long way in effectively controlling menstrual problems.

Women have been plagued by menstrual problems since the beginning of time. With that being said this did not stop them for achieving success in the respective field that they are associated with. Menstrual problems are here to stay with that being said, it is good to hear that in the present, more and more helpful remedies and alternatives have been found as well as introduced to help us deal with such issue.

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