A Great Voice Will Help Your Career

Sudha 09/05/2016

Whenever you decide to embark on a new career, you must think through what you do best and then use your skills and abilities to the fullest. If you believe that you have a great voice or a strong voice in expressing your thoughts, go find a profession where you can make use of it. Is your voice noteworthy? Relaxing? Seductive? Moving? If you are convinced that you are, start marketing your voice. Here are some professions that you might want to consider:

  • Radio Jockey

If you have a way with words and can blarney people, this job is for you. Usually, radio jockeys have deep interests in music, can talk about certain topics incessantly and knows a lot of songs from various genres.

  • Singer

A career as a vocal artist is probably the most challenging and the most rewarding line of work; however, you need to have a great singing voice and charisma.

  • Telemarketer

The telemarketing profession is best suited for those who have a clear, convincing voice. Telemarketers are usually eloquent and have a strong command of the language.

  • Phone Sex Operator

Having a sensual and sultry voice and an excellent phone manner that will sell sex can let you rack up at least $40,000 yearly as a phone sex operator according to Forbes. This multimillion industry is undeterred even with the burgeoning of online porn streaming. Based from experiences and stories from actual phone sex operators, professional dirty talking is a fun and remunerative gig. Surprisingly, phone sex line call centres in which phone sex operators get to “perform” have a businesslike working environment. If you are not into sitting next to other Moaning Myrtles, there is an increasing demand for stay-at-home phone sex operators in which interested freelancers can try.

Banking on your voice to get a job can be tough. You should be able to adjust on almost everything — from how you will sell yourself to how many hours you will dedicate for this career. It is also a must that you establish a positive end result and acknowledge that there will be setbacks down the road. Be that as it may, these difficulties should not let you down.

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